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About Invierno AB

Invierno AB (Vinter®) develops, monitors, and markets the Vinter Indexes, a family of financial benchmarks designed to underlie financial products. Vinter is a firm specializing in thematic indexes capturing the nascent digital asset industry. Vinter is the leading digital asset index provider in Europe, providing indexes to industry leaders in the emerging industry of exchange-traded digital asset products.


Invierno AB (“Vinter”) is a registered Benchmarks Administrator governed by the European Benchmark Regulation (the “BMR”) and in compliance with the International Organisation of Securities Commissions ("IOSCO") “Principles for Financial Benchmarks” (the "IOSCO Principles"). Vinter is included in the European Securities and Markets Authority database over registered and authorized Benchmark Administrators.

Benchmark Statements

For users of benchmarks to choose appropriately from among and understand the risks of benchmarks, they need to know what a given benchmark intends to measure and its susceptibility to manipulation. Therefore, Invierno AB ("Vinter") publishes these benchmark statements specifying those elements. The benchmark statements provide the key information needed to users, focusing on governance issues in an easily accessible manner and following specifications defined by the European Securities and Markets Authority. Each family of benchmarks is defined under this document. Invierno AB currently maintains one family of benchmarks referring to cryptographic assets ("crypto assets").

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